Work Camp  1025 GW

Location: Steinach

Type of work: Railway

Man of Confidence: Spr Terence J Bateson, 2400

Number of Men: 44

Known to be present

Ernest Raymond Banton Pte RAOC 6270 Italy POW; also 10012/GW, 180/GW
Terence J Bateson Spr RE 2400 MOC; also 180/GW, 2056/L, 10084/GW
Allan J Vaughan Pte 1 Cps, Ptl Pk 7119 also 10029/GW & 10084/GW
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Date of Visit: 27th May 1943

General Description

(In April, 1944 this camp was considered a 'Disciplinary Camp' for escapees.) It is situated near a railway-line and the compound comprises one fairly large concrete barrack formerly used by civilian workers.

Interior arrangement

The barrack contains two sleeping rooms, 1 day room and a room each for washing and clothes storing. The rooms are all pleasant.

Bathing and washing facilities


Toilet facilities


Food and Cooking

No complaint. Private food is cooked on a stove in the day room. Plenty of fuel is available.

Medical attention and sickness

There is an acknowledged sanitator in this camp. He complains about the shortage of medical supplies. He has written several times to Wolfsberg for these but received very little.

If medical attention is required the prisoners go to a civilian doctor in Steinach; they can see him whenever they like.

As to dental treatment the position is much less satisfactory; there are some men who have now waited 3 months to be treated. This complaint is general. The amount of dentists is in no proportion to the available dentists either in the Stalag or in civilian service.


Not all of the men have been fitted with two uniforms as yet.


The laundry is done by the men themselves.

Money and Pay

In order.


There is no canteen and the only thing the prisoners can buy is beer.

Religious activity

Capt. Ledgerwood from Stalag visited this camp three weeks ago.

Recreation and exercise

The prisoners are allowed to play football but have no football to play with. An application has already been sent to Stalag for one.



Welfare work

In order.


The prisoners urgently asked for books and for more crockery. They state that Red Cross food is now given out for three days in advance and wish to know whether this could not be changed to two days. This was arranged.

General impression

Good camp.

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