Work Camp  10511 GW

Location: Postran

Type of work: Railway work

Man of Confidence: Cpl A.W. Campbell

Number of Men: 60

Known to be present

A.W. Campbell Cpl     MOC
Tommy McFall Dvr RASC 3039 escaped 3/45
Ted McSaley Dvr RASC 2949 Liverpool
'Bluey' Peters       NZ
Jack Reynolds       Australia
A.J. Roddy Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 3537 Australia

Date of visit: 7 September 1943

General Description

Wooden barrack between the railway line and the Gail river.

Interior arrangement

The hut contains one room used as sleeping and living room. Double tier beds with straw mattresses.

Bathing and washing facilities

Very inadequate. A wooden bathing tub was taken away for reparation four months ago and never given back. The Accompanying Officer gave order that the firm (Reichsbahn) has to provide an adequate washhouse. The new wooden wash-tub which is ready in the nearby town of Hermagor will be brought immediately.

Toilet facilities

Primitive but adequate.

Food and Cooking

No complaint.

Medical attention and sickness

The men go for treatment to a civilian doctor in Hermagor. Serious cases are sent to Spittal. Dental treatment is given in Spittal. Medical supply adequate.


In order.


In order.

Money and Pay

In order.


Very poor.

Religious activity

Have been to church in Hermagor when Padre McIvor came there from Spittal.

Recreation and exercise

There is no sports ground available; in summer the men went swimming; walks will be organised.



Welfare work



After the great heat of this summer, the roof of the hut was leaking when rain came but this will automatically cease when the wood will be less dry. Some other minor complaints were made which could all be fixed immediately.

General impression

This camp is fairly good. The compound is too little and will be enlarged on the delegate's demand. However, this will not give the POWs the occasion to play games as the camp lies on a slope. On the other hand they will be able to arrange a garden as they had wished before.

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