Work Camp  10931 GW

Location: Feistritz

Type of work: Sawmill

Man of Confidence: Spr D.C. Morrow, 1271

Number of Men: 28

Known to be present

William R.C. Baker Dvr R Sigs 819  
John Thomas Church Dvr RASC 2814 also 10925/GW
Davie Fulton Tpr RAC 1416 Paisley, Scotland; also 10106/GW, Gmund Work Camp
William (Lofty) Logie Pte   7532 New Zealand; also 10084/GW
D.C. Morrow Spr RE 1271 Glasgow

Date of visit: 12 September 1942

General Description

The number of prisoners in the camp is 28, amongst which 1 Australian and 5 New Zealanders. The men are working here since April 1942. The camp was formerly occupied by French prisoners. They work in a timber yard. The work is 10 hours daily, which corresponds with the hours done by civilian workers here. The men are free from Saturday 2pm until Monday morning.

Interior arrangement

The prisoners live in a well-built barrack. They sleep in 3 rooms with double tier beds. There is plenty of air and light. There is also a kind of recreation room with tables and benches. The room is also used for taking the meals.

Bathing and washing facilities

A small hut is used as a washroom. The installations in this room are rather primitive and upon representation the employing firm promised to make some improvements. Cold showers are available daily and a hot shower once a week.

Toilet facilities

A well kept and clean toilet is outside the living barrack.

Food and Cooking

The food is cooked and delivered by the employing firm. The men said it was good and well cooked. All men get the heavy workers ration. Two stoves in the living barrack can be used for the preparation of the private food. There is no drinking water in the barrack, but about 150 yards away is a fountain with very good water. The men can go there any time of the day to get the necessary supply of drinking water. Red Cross parcels have arrived in sufficient number and a stock for 4 weekly distributions was on hand at the time of the visit.

Medical attention and sickness

There is no Sanitator in this Commando, but one of the men is looking after light cases. The necessary medicaments are at his disposal. Really sick men are taken to the Stalag Hospital XVIIIB. In case of need the Doctor in the nearby village is available.


The men need some new uniforms. A demand has been sent to the British Man of Confidence at Stalag. Each man has 2 blankets.


The laundry is done by a woman in the village. The prisoners have to pay for this service but are quite satisfied with the arrangement.

Money and Pay

The pay is the usual one of 70 Pfg daily. For good work a premium is paid out.


The Man of Confidence goes once weekly to the village to buy small articles needed by the prisoners. Beer is given out every Saturday.

Religious activity

The men would like to be visited every once in a while by a Padre. The Accompanying Officer said he would try to arrange this.

Recreation and exercise

A few games such as football, ping-pong, darts and some indoor games would be welcome. The Y.M.C.A. will be approached about this.


There are no complaints and the men said they were treated right as well by the firm they are working for as by the German Camp Commander.

General impression

The camp can be considered a good one.

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