Work Camp  1107 L


Location: Donnersbach

Type of work: labouring

Man of Confidence: Sgt J Luke, Northumberland Hussars

Number of Men: approx. 30

Known to be present

G.A. Beale Dvr RE 5708  
Danny Behrman Dvr RASC 7383 London; also 10760/L
B.J. Berry Spr RE 5070  
Reginald J (Peter) Briggs Dvr RASC 2572 possible
A Cappleman Gnr RA 5869  
A.H. Dobson Dvr RE 5690  
Jim Gaskell Gnr RA 5582 transf'd to Stalag 383
W.P. Greatrex Spr RE 5766  
F Holden Spr RE 5633  
David Llewellyn James Sgt RASC 2865  
Thomas Dudley Jones Gnr RA 5205 Carmarthen, Wales; also 11022/GW
P Kellet Gnr RA 5907  
L.C. Lawler Gnr RA 5920  
Jimmy Luke Sgt RA 5910 MOC; Transf'd to Stalag 383
Harry Thomas Maher Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 3825 Australia
Dennis Miller Gnr? RA? 5925?  
O.R. Morgan Pte   5888 New Zealand
Ken O'Kennedy Sgmn R Sigs 5033 Theatre at 18A
W. (Bill) Pullan Dvr RASC 7579  
C.A. Remnant L/Bdr   5874 New Zealand
Cyril Sales Dvr RASC 2452  
Peter Trodden Gnr RA 5794 also 47/GW
P Williams        
J Wilmot Spr RE 5774  
trodden01.jpg (109228 bytes)   trodden02.jpg (39070 bytes)
    Peter Trodden group
trodden05.jpg (35621 bytes) trodden03.jpg (32234 bytes)
Danny Behrman T.D. Jones David James
trodden04.jpg (34389 bytes)
  David James on left Pete Trodden on right
  trodden07.jpg (44407 bytes)  
  Guard with dog  

"The "Donnersbach" (translation "Thunder stream) was a mountain stream no more than 4 metres wide which ran from Donnersbachwald past the camp and down hill about 8 km. to the village of Donnersbach. The 'L' after 1107 meant that the camp was designated as "Landwirtschaft", or work devoted to the land, farms etc. Well, it wasn't.  Wintertime it was gangs of three men, one holding a long drill and the other two belting it with hammers. When the hole was deep enough a local comes over, stuffs it with dynamite and blasts a load of rock to pieces.  Summer - pick up the pieces and resurface the road.  I never saw a car on it in two years. Camps for this sort of work normally had the GW suffix after their number."

Ken O'Kennedy

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