Work Camp  11096 GW

Location: Unterdrauberg

Type of work: Turbo-electric Power Plant

Man of Confidence: Dvr H.G. Williams

Number of Men: 65 - 70

Known to be present

Andrew Purvis Thomson Pte RAVC 216 Scotland
H.G. Williams Dvr   210 New Zealand

Dates of visit: 7 September & 27 November 1943

General Description

Wooden barracks on flat compound above the railway station. Good and healthy exposition. In November the yard had been enlarged and a new washhouse was under construction.

Interior arrangement

Ordinary type of interior installations with rooms for 16 to 20 men. Electric light and double tier beds.

Bathing and washing facilities

Washroom in the huts. The new washhouse was under constrution.

Toilet facilities

The latrines are adequate in a special building.

Food and Cooking

Very good food in September but had deteriorated in November owing to the cut in rations.

Medical attention and sickness

Medical attention given by a civilian doctor plus two medical orderlies in the camp. Medical supply adequate. Dental treatment every Thursday from Stalag.


Very good.


Done by the men.

Money and Pay



Some articles sent by Stalag.

Religious activity

In order.

Recreation and exercise

A football ground is available on weekends outside the camp. In the camp's compound, the men play basketball and deck tennis.


Fairly good.

Welfare work

In order.


The men ask for working overalls when they do work on iron construction. The works will be told to give out these working outfits. In November there was one complaint regarding the working hours of a party of six men who do not get regularly their weekily 24 hours rest. The accompanying officer from Stalag promised to look into the matter personally.

General impression
This is a good camp. The moral and physical health are excellent.

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