Work Camp  300 L

Location: Pettau/ Probesch

Type of work: Farm work

Man of Confidence: Tpr A. Prosser

Number of Men: 14

Known to be present

Raymond Brown Marine R Marines 6269 esc'd '44
W.G. Bunston Pte 6 Div. Post 6080 Australia; also 1046/GW;esc'd Yugo 1944
Harry Jerusalmi Sgt RE   esc'd '44
A. Prosser Tpr RAC   esc'd '44
Edward Austin Simpson Marine R Marines 6270  
George Yates Marine RM 6164  

(The following photos were sent by Bill McNaught, son-in-law of George Yates.)
mcnaught01.jpg (78895 bytes) mcnaught02.jpg (57051 bytes) mcnaught03.jpg (72786 bytes)
mcnaught04.jpg (58622 bytes) mcnaught05.jpg (112368 bytes) mcnaught06.jpg (59962 bytes)

Date of visit: 3 September 1943

General Description

This camp seems to be overcrowded as the correct number of men foreseen by the German authorities had been 10. Five days ago, work was started to enlarge the camp, but this work was stopped again. The accompanying officer gave orders to the guards company leader who was present at the conference to the effect that the necessary alterations should be immediately undertaken. If this is not the case, the camp will be closed.

(It might be significant that this camp appears to have been located at two different places. Pettau is now called Ptuj and is in Slovenia. Probesch is now called Pobrezje, and is nearby.)

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