Work Camp   565 L

POWs were housed in the attic of this building

Location: Hausmannstätten

Type of work: Farm work

Man of Confidence: S/Sgt C. Tucker, 1373

Number of Men: 15 approx.

Known to be present

Harry James Adams Marine R Marines 6569  
M.J. (Jim) Boloski Pte   4839 Christchurch, NZ; also Kalsdorf
Percy Alexander Dorothy Cpl RAVC 387 Liverpool; also 576/L, 10030/GW
Frank Edward Doughty Dvr RASC 5591 Peterborough
Leslie Verdun Fitt Marine R Marines 6237 London
Bertie Wilfred Gordon Cpl R Marines 6238 Folkestone
John Jardine Marine R Marines 6829  
Fred Lang Tpr RAC 5695 Bolton; also 1/GW, 95/GW
Thomas Proctor Marine R Marines 5859 Millom
Charles Tucker S/Sgt Buffs 1373 London; also 550/L, 939/GW

Photos provided by Ian Jardine and Erwin Legat.

John Jardine with cow ready for a local show John Jardine and Rolf, the farm dog Fred Lang and John Jardine Jim Boloski
POWs at a local fruit farm     Unknown farm group + POW

Ian Jardine in Hausmannstätten

Ian Jardine is the son of John Jardine. In Sepember of 2017 he visited Hausmannstätten and met Erwin Legat, the son of the farmer for whom John had worked as part of Work Party 565/L. Erwin, who was a young boy during the war, recalled that this Work Party had been created at the request of Erwin's mother, Franziska. Several local farms were suffering a labour shortage and so 15 - 20 POWs plus guards were billetted in Schloss Pfeilerhof, a large house on the outskirts of Hausmannstätten. The POWs were kept in the attic of an outbuilding with the guards sleeping on the floor below.

Schloss Pfeilerhof The stairs to the POW quarters. Building where POWs were held.

Each morning the POWs would be split into smaller groups and marched under guard to which ever farm they worked on. As the war progressed, the guards became more relaxed and the the POWs would make their own way to the farms. Ian visited the Schloss with Erwin and met an elderly lady who lived there and recalled the POWs and their guards.

The Legat farm   Ian (on right) with Erwin and
 an elderly resident of the Schloss
  Another farm (no longer exists)

John Jardine always worked on the Legat farm with Fred Lang. In August, 1944, Fred was transferred to 95/GW for some reason. At the very end of the war, he escaped and returned to Hausmannstätten. His reason for doing this was to meet up with Agnes Harb, one of two young ladies who lived on the farm. After the war, Fred brought Agnes back to Bolton and they married in 1949.

John & Fred

In late 1944, John was told to build an air-raid shelter next to the farm. He did this with the assistance of a POW from a nearby farm, W.G. Wilson. Erwin was able to show Ian the location of this old shelter.

W.G. Wilson &
 John Jardine at
air-raid shelter
Ian Jardine at
 same site in

Ian would like to express his grateful thanks to Erwin Legat and other residents of Hausmannstätten, including the Mayor, for their warm and generous hospitality during his 4 days in the village.

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