Work Camp  86 GW

Work Parties: 66GW, 67GW, 68GW

Location: Thesen, near Marburg on the Drau

Type of work: Construction

Man of Confidence: Bdr E.W. Legget

Number of Men: 251

Known to be present

? Adams Sgt     Australia; escaped 1944
Paul Matehe Awarau Pte 28 Bn. 4956 New Zealand Possible
Victor Leonard Bailey Gnr RA 4512 Also 143/GW
William George Baldry Sgmn R Sigs 4207 Also 11025/GW, 76/HV, 970/GW
George Cable Sailor HMS Gloucester   England; escaped 1944
George Cotter Gnr     Australia; escaped 1944
Victor J. Daker Pte RASC 6305  
Viv Harper       NZ; escaped 1944
? Honeywell Sgt Indian Army    
Arthur K. Harvey L/Cpl RAC 5331 Mansfield; also 7010/GW
Walter Stephen Hunt Pte 24th Bn. 4646 NZ; 68/GW
? Jennings Sgt     Australia; escaped 1944
Charles H.J. Lawrence Tpr RAC 6047 Also 7010/GW
E.W. Legget Bdr RA 6946  
Alec Marshall Pte R Ulst. R   Also 78/L; escaped 1944
Thomas Lawson Marshall Dvr RASC 5285 Possible
R.D. McCurdy Pte   4576 New Zealand
Sid Paling       England
Maru Paul Pte 28 Bn. 4976 New Zealand Possible
? Poidevin Sgt     Australia; escaped 1944
Albert 'Paddy' Roachock Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 7422 Australia
? Rose Sgt Leics.   England
Albert Arthur Smith Cpl Foresters 7474  
Harold J.F.E. Tideswell Sgmn R Sigs 4434 Also 539/L, 1010/GW
Andrew Carr Tulip Sgmn R Sigs 5341 Co. Durham
Elvet Williams Pte Welch 5841 Also 2056/L, 785/GW; escaped 1944
? Winstanley       England
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  4th Hussar POWs Stephen Hunt group
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Christmas Christmas Christmas
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Charles Lawrence Andrew Tulip Harold Tideswell
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The following pictures may not be from this Work Camp.

(These pictures kindly loaned by Bob Lawrence, son of Charles Lawrence, Gill Rowe, daughter of Victor Bailey and Jeanette Jakeman, daughter of Victor Daker. The top right picture is definitely from 68/GW and includes Pte Stephen Hunt, 24th Bn. 2NZEF, kindly sent by his son, Eric. The Albert Smith picture comes from his son, David.)

Date of visit: September 8th 1943

General Description

Big camp formed by two barracks of the latest type with corridor. Special hut for washhouse and latrines. There is a compound for basketball inside the barbed wire. There is no dayroom in the camp. The delegate asked that one should be added as in the winter the men had no opportunity whatever for plays or concerts.

Interior arrangement

The barracks contain a certain number of rooms left and right of the corridor for 15 to 20 men. There is electric light in the barracks and the heating is said to be adequate.

Bathing and washing facilities


Toilet facilities

Latrines (flush type) adequate.

Food and Cooking

The food is fetched at the works canteen. Private food is cooked in the sleeping quarters.

Medical attention and sickness

Medical attention is given by a civilian doctor attached to the works. There is a revier in the camp with 10 beds. The sanitators look after the sick. Medical supply adequate. Dental treatment in order. 




Done by the men. 

Money and Pay



Some articles can be bought by the Man of Confidence in Marburg. 

Religious activity

Regular visits from Stalag. 

Recreation and exercise

Basketball is played in the camp. A football ground will be available outside the camp after 15th October.



Welfare work

In order.


There was a complaint that the treatment of prisoners of war in this enterprise was not fair. They ask to be considered as soldiers and not merely as working slaves. The accompanying officer promised to see the director of works about this. 

General impression

Materially speaking this camp is very good but the attitude of the German civilian authorities creates continual difficulties. If this situation should go on, the Stalag would close this camp and take the prisoners-of-war back. 

There is another mention of this Work Camp in a larger review of several work camps. 

April 22nd 1944 

The immediate dissolution of work detachments 64/65/68 GW at Thesen near Marburg was confirmed by Commandant. 

(This reference refers to a special report dated 28th April 1944, which I don't have.)

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