Work Camp  7010 GW

Note: At one time this camp was a "Bewahrungs-Lager"  or Disciplinary Camp for escapees and those POWs who had refused to work in other camps.

Location: Weissenbach and then Grossreifling

Type of work: Railway?

Man of Confidence: Cpl H Steward

Number of Men: 24

Known to be present

Victor Leonard Bailey Gnr RA 4512  
Eric Bardsley Sgmn R Sigs 1037  
James Berry Dvr RASC 2492 possible; also 10029/GW
Arthur K. Harvey L/Cpl RAC 5331 Mansfield; also 68/GW
H.G. Harvey Dvr   7521 New Zealand
Charles H.J. Lawrence Tpr RAC 6047  
Dennis Parkinson Spr RE 2530  
Leonard Smith Dvr RAC 2502 also 373/GW
H Steward Cpl     MOC
W.A. Weaver Sgt RAOC 2323 transferred to Stalag 383
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The above names and pictures come from Alan Jackman, (son-in-law of Leonard Smith) Bob Lawrence (son of Charles Lawrence),  Michael Weaver (son of Sgt W.A. Weaver) and David Collard-Berry (son of James Berry). Many thanks to them.

Date of visit: 15 September 1943

General Description

Big wooden barrack on top of a slope above the railway station in the Ens valley.

Interior arrangement

Four rooms for about 16 to 20 men. Cupboards, two electric lamps per room. Heating adequate.

Bathing and washing facilities

Washhouse with big boiler; hot showers available.

Toilet facilities


Food and Cooking

Clean. The men get heavy workers rations. On his demand the Man of Confidence will be able to control the meat ration. Red Cross food can be cooked either in the sleeping quarters or in a special stove in the washhouse.

Medical attention and sickness

There is one sanitator who sleeps in a separate room where also two beds for the sick are available. Medical supply adequate. As the camp has been opened only a fortnight ago, dental treatment has not yet been organised. In emergency cases, a civilian doctor makes extractions.


Fairly good.


Done by the men.

Money and Pay




Religious activity

No visits from the padre yet.

Recreation and exercise

No sports allowed.



Welfare work

In order.


No special complaints.

General impression

This camp goes under the description of "Bewahrungs-Lager" which could be translated as "Testing-Camp". All the men in it are escapees or have been refusing work in other camps. So the discipline and guarding is more narrow. Accordingly the atmosphere is a bit strained and the men have difficulties in getting used to this kind of treatment. Materially there is nothing to be objected to in the camp and it is of a rather better standard than the average prisoners' camp. The guards-company commander, Captain Bradel, who has several of these camps under his command, told the delegate that after a few weeks, he was generally able to alleviate the guarding and disciplinary system under which the prisoners had to work. They get accustomed to it and finally regain their soldierly attitude and, in consequence, the complaints and the restlessness quite disappear. It is to be remarked that, if the treatment is stricter, it is in no way in disaccordance with the Geneva Convention.

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