Work Camp  11072 GW

Location: Gradnitz

Type of work: Railway

Man of Confidence: Cpl James C Johnston, POW 1732

Number of Men: 138

Known to be present

Norman Abbot Dvr RASC 4302 Leeds
T. Aitken Gnr NZ Arty 4195 Mosgiel, New Zealand
L. Albrey Pte 39408 Foxton, New Zealand
J. Ambrose Gnr RA 39242 London
J. Amphlett Gnr RA 39670 Staffs
W. Bagnall Bdr RA 39671 Stoke on Trent
Wilf Bailey Dvr RASC 1598 Halifax
W. Baker Spr RE 5432 Gravesend
J.N. Baker Dvr RASC 39665 Yorks
R.H. Barling Gnr RA 5668 Watford
Jack Bloxham Spr RE 1446 Coventry; also Gmund
J. Bradley Spr RE 1647 Dudley
N. Breakspear Pte RASC 1604 Birmingham
Graeme Stainton Bretherton Pte 19 Bn. 4183 Wanganui, NZ
F. Bright Spr RE 5576 Dunstable
H.T. Bromley Pte 8660 Christchurch, NZ
Samuel Burgess L/Cpl RASC 1358 Sunderland
Jimmy Calcutt Pte NZEF 4157 Hull
D. Cameron Pte 18 Inf. Tng. Bn. 3747 Queensland, Aust.
W.E. Clarke Spr RE 1652 Warwick, UK
L. Corey Pte H.Q. 1 Cps. 3921 Brisbane, Aust.
A.J. Corpse Pte H.Q. Gd. Bn. 3903 NSW, Aust.
R.H. Cox Dvr RASC 1597 Durham
H.T. Culley L/Cpl Hamps. 39589 Barnstaple
Fred Cusworth Spr RE 5437 West Hartlepool
J. Cuthill Spr RE 5386 Fife
F.R. Davies Spr RE 1653 Dudley
E. Donovan L/Cpl RE 5523 Mitcham
Albert Ellerby Pte E. Yorks. 39084 Hull
L. Everson Farr. RAVC 1470 Tonbridge
Albert Freeman Farrier RAVC 1715 Lincoln; also 11093/GW, 10029/GW
L. Gallard Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 3839 NSW, Aust.
C. Gibbons Pte 2/11 Inf. Bn. 3782 WA, Aust.
J. Gould Spr RE 39384
James Graham Spr RE 3558 Dunfermline
Joe Green Gnr RA 5628 Preston
Frank Hamer Pte 21 Bn. 4218 New Zealand
J. Hand L/Cpl DLI 39441 Newcastle
F.J. Harding L/Cpl RE 1469 Bournemouth
K.E. Harris Cpl 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3360 Victoria, Aust.
W. Harrison Spr RE 1560 Birmingham
Laurie Hataraka Pte 1500 Bay of Plenty, NZ
W.J. Hatton Pte 8655 Invercargill, NZ
Thomas J. Healey Pte 1 Cps. H.Q. 3769 Victoria, Aust.
A. Heap Gnr RA 7883 Oldham
Jack G. Heckels Gnr RA 5088 Newcastle
G.S. Henry Pte 8629 Nelson, NZ
R.H. Howes Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 39334 WA, Aust.
W.H. Hull Pte 2/15 Inf. Bn. 32021 Queensland, Aust.
C. Ireland Pte E. Yorks. 39376 Northumberland
P.G. Jagger Gnr RA 8334 Hull
H. Jarret Pte RAOC 39942 Llandudno, Wales
James C Johnston Cpl RASC 1732 Edinburgh; MOC
R.A. Jones Sgmn R Sigs 313 Wales
G. Jones Tpr RAC St Albans
G. Kemp L/Cpl KRRC 1536 London
Hubert R. Kent Gnr RA 1137 Cirencester
W. Kerry Pte RASC 2595 Suffolk
Robert Laidlaw Spr RE 1504 Galashiels
Norman Lindley Dvr RASC 5110 Notts; 11072/GW
Victor Lawrence Lindsay Gnr 1 A/TK Rg. 3794 Australia
A. Maddocks Pte Sherwood For. 39215 Derby
Henry Thomas Maher Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 3825 NSW, Aust.
J. Male Spr RE 5565 Portsmouth
A.N. Martin Spr RE 5454 Preston
L. Martin Pte 39450 Wellington, NZ
F.Y. Martin Pte 39372 Auckland, NZ
John McDermott Spr RE 1515 Glasgow
J. McDonnell Pte H.Q. 1 Cp. 3615 Queensland, Aust.
E. McFadgen Gnr NZ Arty 39373 Auckland, NZ
T.O. McKelvie Dvr RASC 7256 Ayrshire
P.G. McLaughlin Pte Cam. H. 39577 Dumbarton
T.A. McLennan Pte 39333 Wellington, NZ
J. McMahon Spr RE 5259 Glasgow
C. McMillan Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 2857 Victoria, Aust.
George S. Miller Dvr RASC 2450 Leeds
T. Millsop Dvr RASC 2444 St Helens
Owen J. Minogue Pte H.Q. Gd. Bn. 4043 Victoria, Aust.
J.S. (Sid) Moore Dvr RASC 1614 Leicester
M. Moss Rfmn Rifle Bde. 39777 Cardiff
Fred Murcott Gnr RA 2596 Chesterfield; also 10029/GW
Howard James Newman Gnr RA 5797 Swansea
Arthur Edward Ninness Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 3923 NSW, Aust.
E.F. Noyes L/Cpl R Sigs 39414 Surrey
K.E. Osland Tpr RAC 1592 Monmouth
L. O'Sullivan Pte 3698 Victoria, Aust.
F. Parsons Gnr RA 5444 London
S.T.V. Paton Pte Cam. H. 39364 Hants
Lionel C. Paynter Pte 2/3 Inf. Bn. 4052 NSW, Australia; capt'd Greece
P.W. Plume Pte RASC 1483 Sudbury
J. Porteus Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 3890 NSW, Aust.
R.E. Price Pte H.Q. Gd. Bn. 3875 NSW, Aust.
T. Price Rfmn Rifle Bde. 39688 London
D. Quaid Gnr RA 5485 Folkestone
Robert H. Randall Cpl RE 5561 Warwick, UK
W. Ratcliffe Pte R. Sussex 39807 Sussex
W. S. Read Dvr RASC 1574 Maidstone
G. Record Pte Hamp. 39632 Isle of Wight
W.S Reed Pte RASC 1574 Maidstone
D.W. Reid Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3765 Victoria, Aust.
William (Wally) Robb  Gnr RA 5330 Dundonald, Scotland
Cyril A. Rose Spr RE 5569 Birmingham
W. Rutter Gnr NZ Arty 8630 South Island, NZ
Lawrence Sadler Tpr RAC 2690 Nottingham
C. Sanders Pte Essex Rgt 39689 Dagenham, Essex
E. Scully Pte North Island, NZ
E. Shaddock Cpl 2/2 Inf. Bn. 3791 NSW, Aust.
Ernest Daniel Shelswell Pte 1 Cp. Tp. Sp. Col. 4000 Queensland, Aust.; also 10024/HV
V.J. Siddall Pte 39451 Auckland, NZ
Joe Sinclair Gnr RA 5180 Kirkaldy, Fife
R. Smith Spr RE 1538 Dumfries
C. Smith Pte Wairarapa, NZ
E. Sneller Pte 39368 North Island, NZ
J. Southam Spr RE 5500 N'hants
G. Sowry L/Cpl CMP 1622 Rotherham
Stan Stockley Pte 18 Bn. 4170 New Zealand; also Matrei
Charles A.W. Strachan Spr RE 3200 Berwickshire
F. Strange Pte RASC 1475 Norwich
J. Stringer Pte NZAMC 1885 Invercargill, NZ
F. Sullivan Gnr RA 5687 Salisbury
H. Tabor Tpr RAC 39166 Leeds
W.N. Thorne L/Cpl RASC 1645 Bath
A.W. (Bill) Timson Spr RE 1552 Nuneaton
George E. Turkington Gnr RA 5233 Liverpool
G.M. Walker Pte 4091 Auckland, NZ
Harry Walker Cpl R Sigs 4100 Leeds
E. Walters L/Bdr RA 39371 Rhondda, Wales
J. Watson Pte 39463 Auckland, NZ
L. Weston Pte RASC 1589 Sheffield
G. Wharton Dvr RASC 39673 Notts
E. Wilkinson Pte RASC 1555 Sheffield
D. Wilkinson Gnr RA 5674 Leicester
H. Williams Spr RASC 1562 Dorset
I.M. Williams Dvr RA 39736 Kent
J. Williamson Gnr RA 3193 Crewe; also 11010/GW
W. Wilson Dvr RASC 1514 London
Jack Woodward Pte 1 Cps. Tp. Sply. 4030 Brisbane, Australia; violin
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Albert Freeman Jack Woodward Robert Randall
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Linley, Read, Moore Queenslanders Robb, Sinclair, Turkington + 1
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The Little Theatre

Thanks to Jean Riding, Dave Freeman and Joe Woodward for the photographs.

The Liberation of 11072/GW

Date of visit: 24 May 1943

General Description

This camp is situated in an open field near a railway line some miles outside Klagenfurt. The compound comprises just the one large barrack, there is practically no ground otherwise.

Interior arrangement

Lighting in the camp is good. Fuel for heating is very scarce.

Bathing and washing facilities

The washhouse is rather badly equipped in that there are only 27 washing bowls for 102 men; furthermore the one boiler holds only enough water for about 50 men. The prisoners on the other hand, are allowed to go swimming each Saturday and Sunday for two hours.

Toilet facilities


Food and Cooking

The food is cooked by the prisoners themselves. No complaint. As for the cooking of Red Cross food, the fuel question is making it somewhat of a problem, as the supplies have to be divided between the washhouse and the private cooking.

Medical attention and sickness

There is an acknowledged sanitator in the camp and he has adequate supplies of medicaments. Sick prisoners are transferred to the Camp Lazaret in Klagenfurt (Weidmannsdorf).

Dental treatment in Klagenfurt by a civilian dentist.


Everything in order.


The laundry is washed by the men themselves.

Money and Pay

In order.


There is a small canteen but poorly stocked. The men urgently require toilet paper and razor blades. This will be transmitted to the YMCA by the Delegate of the Protecting Power.

Religious activity

In order.

Recreation and exercise

The prisoners are able to play football and cricket.


Parcels arrive regularly. Mail is delivered once weekly.

Welfare work

In order.


The Man of Confidence states that they all consider the size of the compound as being totally out of keeping with the number of inmates. There is neither a mess- or a day-room nor a hall for theatrical entertainments. Furthermore, new crockery is needed, some of the men drinking out of empty tins at present. Also they would like to go to a cinema sometime.

All these points were discussed with the Accompanying Officer who promised to find satisfactory arrangements.

General impression

Good camp.

Date of visit: 7 September 1943

94 men. There is no day-room in this camp. The firm has promised one and the wood is already available, but the means of transport were not yet accorded by the Riechsbahn. The Accompanying Officer on the demand of the Delegate insisted that the barrack containing the day-room must be built before the cold season sets in. A new cook-house is just being finished at will be at the camp's disposal in a few days. No other complaints.

Date of visit: 19 November 1943

174 British and 2 USA prisoners of war. This camp has considerably increased in number as about 80 men have joined from Italian captivity. In the new barrack was no night latrine and the accompanying Officer gave orders to have one installed. There too, the blankets are much worn out and were ordered to be exchanged. No other complaints. This is a fairly good camp and the man of confidence reported good understanding and personal contact with his firm and the camp authorities.

The Liberation of 11072/GW

(From an account written by a reporter attached to the 8th Army, May 1945.)

 'As Sixth British Armoured Division pressed on towards the Austrian frontier in the van of 8th Army; the news filtered through to over 100 British and Dominion Prisoners in the ARB. KDO. 11072/GW at GRADNITZ-EBENTAL, near KLAGENFURT.

Two days before the arrival of out men the Germans allowed the prisoners to move about freely in the town. As our mobile column entered KLAGENFURT and while the Divisional Commander was accepting the surrender of the German Corps Commander in the barracks, the freed Prisoners of War were thronging the streets to greet Sixth Armoured Division.

A British Corporal took me down to the Camp. The Union Jack was flying. The men had put it up that morning, despite the threats of SS men. These SS were marching to captivity and had not yet been disarmed. They avowed their intention of shooting down the flag.  Luckily for them, discretion prevailed and the flag was left flying.

Most of them were captured in Greece or Crete. They told me that for the first six months they had a particularly hard time. During that time, their weekly ration and Red Cross parcels had not yet begun to come through consisted of the following: Bread and biscuits, 1 lb., Rice, 1 lb. 8 oz., Sugar and Honey, 1 and a half oz., Salt fish, 2 oz., Tomato puree, 6 oz., Total 2 lb. and 14 and a half oz.

After their capture, they marched for 5 days with practically no food. Again, en route for Austria, they entrained with only a tin of Bully and 2 Biscuits each. They were given nothing else except Water and Soup by the Yugoslav Red Cross at Belgrade. During their early days in Austria, the food situation was acute. They were given equal rations with the German soldiers and sometimes more. Nevertheless, this was on the starvation level. Then the Red Cross parcels began to come through and these saved their lives.

Working on the railway, constructing their own Air Raid Shelter, making a soccer pitch, organizing concerts, marching in the village on Armistice Day, burying a comrade, these men from all over the Empire, lived in complete harmony, with a firm determination to show the Germans the kind of men the British are. They were able to receive news every day with two radios obtained from Austrian Partisans and a crystal set made in the camp. These sets were concealed in ingenious places during the numerous searches.

The camp has now been taken over by the 2nd Battalion, The Rifle Brigade who were the first 8th Army troops into Austria. The men look extremely fit and their one thought is to get home as soon as possible.'



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