Wolfsberg Weekend July 2013


From the 26th to 28th July, the Town and People of Wolfsberg played host to a group consisting of one ex-POW, Eric Bardsley, and 115 relatives of ex-POWs of Stalag 18A. Those of us who attended that weekend will never forget the friendliness and hospitality that we were shown.

The group outside the Museum (courtesy of the Kleine Zeitung)

The people

From Australia

Robyn Brunton
Bronwyn Gleeson
Monika Chapman
Kaarena Chapman
Rhonda Goodman
Ray Goodman
Peter Whitworth
Lyn Whitworth
Colleen Hansen
John Hansen
Randall Kingsley
Yvonne Kingsley
Margaret Macauley
Helen Macauley
Lyn Simpson
Les Simpson
Jessie Alchin
Pete Hudson
Amy Baker
Barry Morley
Carole Mules
Chris Ring
Karen Mayberry
Iulia Wishart
Joe Woodward

From New Zealand

Brent Byers
Cheryl Byers
Sue Courtney
Neil Courtney
Dave Dolphin
Leon Dolphin
Wendy Gouveia
Frank Gouveia
Lance Green
Mary Waine
Anne Moir
Laura Spencer
Denis Sullivan
Carol Sullivan

From Holland

Tanya O'Kennedy

From USA

Denise Brown-Kahney
Michael Kahney
From UK

Angela Ashworth
Michael Ashworth
Mick Bastable
Martha Bastable
Ian Brown
Carole Brown
Helen Bunce
Derek Bunce
Martyn Simmons
Maureen Simmons
Sheila Cairns
Colin Cairns
Murray Carr
Marion Draper
Mike Donelan
Max Donelan
Nigel Eastwood
Jean Eastwood
Phil Evans
David Fall
Christine Fall
Edward Fall
Emily Unsworth
Fred Unsworth
Malcolm Fisher

Carol Gibbons
John Gibbons
Ian Glass
Rona Glass
Sharon Hanney
Carl Hanney
Peter Harvey
Lyn Harvey
Stuart Harvey
Cheryl Harvey
Brian Harvey
Daniel Hook
Richard Hook
Linda Hook
Keith Hook
Christine Hook
Ani Hook
Rob Hughes
Mavis Hughes
Ed Hutchings
Joyce Hutchings
Fiona Ireland
Don Munns
Elizabeth Munns
David Payne

Jo Redfarn
Paul Redfarn
Jemma Redfarn
Matt Hudson
Kathryn Shepherd
David Shepherd
Jane Curnow
Frank Curnow
Margaret Scrivens
Samantha Hurford
Laurence Singer
Merle Singer
Karen Broude
Les Broude
Gill Smith
Stephen Smith
Peter Watson
Chris Watson

From France

André Dahouillé
Michael Moritz

While we were in Wolfsberg, I tried to take a group photo of every party that attended the Weekend. I failed. Listed below are about 60% of the people. I would like to get a shot of everybody, so please send me photos of the missing groups.

Eric & Peter Bardsley Angela & Michael Ashworth Mick & Martha Bastable Ian & Carole Brown Denise Brown-Kahney & Michael Kahney
Robyn Brunton & Bronwyn Gleeson Helen & Derek Bunce
Martyn & Maureen Simmons & Gertraud
Brent & Cheryl Byers Sheila & Colin Cairns Murray Carr & Marion Draper
Monika & Kaarena Chapman Sue & Neil Courtney Dave& Leon Dolphin Mike & Max Donelan Nigel & Jean Eastwood
Phil Evans The Falls & the Unsworths Malcolm Fisher Carol & John Gibbons Ian & Rona Glass
Goodmans, Whitworths & Hansens Frank & Wendy Gouveia Lance Green & Mary Waine Sharon & Carl Hanney The Harveys
Daniel, Richard & Linda Hook Keith, Christine & Ani Hook Rob & Mavis Hughes Ed & Joyce Hutchings Fiona Ireland
Randall & Yvonne Kingsley Macauleys, Simpsons & Family Anne Moir & Laura Spencer Barry Morley Carol Mules
Don & Elizabeth Munns Tanya O'Kennedy David Payne The Redfarns & Matt Hudson Chris Ring & Karen Mayberry
The Shepherds & the Curnows Margaret Scrivens & Sam Hurford The Singers & the Broudes Gill & Stephen Smith Denis & Carol Sullivan
Peter & Chris Watson Iulia Wishart Joe Woodward Jessie Alchin & Pete Hudson André Dahouillé & Michael Moritz

Further Links

Friday afternoon: Welcome to the Museum
Friday evening: Dinner at the Kuss
Saturday morning: Visit to the site of Stalag 18A
Saturday morning: Wreath-laying at the Cemetery
Saturday lunch at the Gasthaus zum Wirt in Pollheim
Saturday afternoon: Visit to the dam at Schwabeck
Saturday evening: Dinner at the Gasthaus zum Wirt
Sunday morning: Reception at the Castle
Nights at the Hotel Hecher


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