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D.F. Oakes Pte DCLI 9454  
Geoffrey James Oakes Gnr RA 277 Brierley Hill, UK; capt'd Greece; 10030/GW
John Oakes       10030/GW
W. Oakes Pte Ches. 6312  
G.J. Oakley Pte B&H 7265  
F. (Jock) Oates Pte RAVC 105 Fife, Scotland; 10030/GW, 11027/GW
William Robert Obeney Dvr RASC 5277 18D
Alfred M. Oborne Dvr R Sigs 1811 MOC 945/GW
N.T. O'Boyle       18A/Z
A.P. O'Brien Pte 2/1 M.G. Bn. 5798 Australia
B.J. O'Brien Spr RE 5116  
J.F. O'Brien Sgt   7504 New Zealand
J.F. O'Brien Pte 2/3 Inf. Bn. 5200 Australia
John O'Brien Tpr RAC 1279 Falkirk; capt'd Greece; Gmund Work Camp; transf'd to Stalag 344
John C. O'Brien Dvr RASC 7846 Hamilton, Scotland; 1936/L
John William O'Brien Marine Royal Marines 5873 Capt'd Crete; 224/L
Martin O'Brien Spr RE 5817 Berwickshire
N.H. O'Brien Pte 18 I.Tng. Bn. 3785 Australia
W.N.J. O'Brien Pte 2/7 Inf. Bn. 1510 Australia
D.B. O'Callaghan Sgmn R Sigs 421  
K.P. O'Connell Pte 2/1 Pnr. Bn. 7445 Australia; transf'd to Stalag 3D
L. O'Connell Pte Seaf. H. 7581  
J. O'Conner Pte E. Yorks. 39085  
David Thomas O'Connor Pte   7519 Masterton, NZ; 11086/GW, 11079/GW, 10084/GW
J.C. O'Connor L/Cpl RE 5679  
J.D O'Connor Tpr RAC 3105  
Joe O'Connor       826/L
R.W. O'Connor Pte   39794 New Zealand
T. O'Connor Gdsmn IG 6801  
M. O'Dabashian Sgmn R Sigs 7621  
J. Oddie   RA   1046/GW; esc'd 1944
D.C. Odendal Pte   8251 South Africa
H. Odgaard Pte Queens 6170  
Bill O'Donnell       94/GW, 821/L
J.E. O'Donnell       266/L
J.E. O'Donnell Pte   4393 New Zealand
J.E. O'Donnell Spr RE 8218  
Jack Herbert Leige O'Donnell Cpl NZ Eng. 3461 New Zealand; transf'd to Stalag 383
Richard John O'Donnell Dvr   5007 New Zealand; capt'd Crete
S. O'Donnell Dvr RASC 3518  
T.J. O'Donnell Pte 2/7 Inf. Bn. 5185 Australia
W. O'Donnell Pte S. Staffs. 6276  
W. O'Donnell L/Cpl Bord. 7247  
B. O'Donoghue Pte 2/1 Pnr. Bn. 4038 Australia
E.S. Offord Pte RAMC 5060  
G.A. Offord L/Cpl RE 5400  
J. Ogilvie Cpl RAC 7598  
M.A. Ogilvie A/Sgt 2/15 Inf. Bn. 7685 Charlesville, Australia; 2048/L
M. O'Grady Gnr RA 8203  
R.W. O'Grady Pte 2/2 M.G. Bn. 6418 Australia
Tom J. O'Hagan Pte   6064 New Zealand; 1855/L
Victor Thomas O'Hagan Pte   7230 New Zealand
A.P. O'Halloran Pte   5120 New Zealand
Joe M.E. O'Halloran Pte 2/1 Fd. Amb. 4932 Australia; capt'd Crete
Denis B. O'Hanlon Dvr RASC 1911 Croydon, UK; 7001/GW
F.L. O'Hara Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3904 Australia; 18D
Robert M. O'Hara Tech. Sgt. Air Corps   Pennsylvania, USA; capt'd 1944
K. O'Hare Pte RAMC 9155  
John   O'Keeffe Pte   7512 New Zealand
Ken K. O'Kennedy Sgmn R Sigs 5033 Theatre player
K. Oldam Gnr RA 5076 11010/GW
Thomas Joseph Oldfield Tpr RAC 1665 Barnsley, UK; 18A, 10029/GW; transf'd to Stalag 344
B. Oldham Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3667 Australia
R. Oldham L/Bdr   833 Napier, NZ; 10030/GW
T. Oldham Pte Foresters 7816  
Edward Frank O'Leary Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 3379 Australia; 10029/GW
J.A. O'Leary Dvr RASC 7015  
J.W. O'Leary Pte RAVC 1850  
M. O'Leary L/Cpl B&H 7280  
Mickey O'Leary       10859/GW
W. (Bill) Oliphant Pte H.Q. 17 Inf. Bde. 3582 Victoria, Australia; 826/L
J.T. Olive  Pte 2/1 Inf. Bn. 4014 Australia
? Oliver       956/GW
A.W. Oliver Spr RE 8219 240/L
Bob Oliver       London; Band Leader; 924/GW
C. Oliver Pte SWB 7033  
Colin Gordon Oliver Pte 1 A/Tk. Rg. 3781 Australia; 18D, 132/GW
Doug Oliver       18A/Z, (11/43); Theatre
F.E. Oliver L/Cpl RAC 6033  
Harry Oliver       1783/L
J.H. Oliver Dvr RASC 1018  
K.P. (Pete) Oliver L/Cpl   301 Marton, New Zealand; capt'd Greece; 10030/GW
Peter Oliver       Stage Manager, 18A theatre
R. Oliver L/Cpl   654 New Zealand; transf'd to Stalag 383
R. Oliver Pte RASC 2236 980/GW
R.A. Oliver Gnr RA 345  
Rob Oliver L/Bdr RA   London
Steve Oliver       11041/GW
Thomas Oliver Sgmn R Sigs 774 Hull
W. Oliver       18A/Z
Wallace J.R. Oliver Pte RAMC 5064 London; 142/L
Leslie B. Olsen Pte   4158 New Zealand; 10029/GW
A.R. Olssen Pte   8103 New Zealand
John Aubrey O'Malley Pte 2/11 Inf. Bn. 5580 Australia; 10029/GW; 11066/GW?
J.E. O'Malley Pte   4095 New Zealand
M.F. O'Malley Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3737 Australia; MOC 299/GW
H.J. O'Meagher Pte   7503 New Zealand
Charles James O'Meara Sgmn 6 Div. Sigs. 7098 Victoria, Australia; capt'd Greece; 576/L
Herbert Alfred O'Meara Gnr   4102 New Zealand; 1748/L
William B. O'Neal PFC Inf.   North Carolina, USA; capt'd Italy, 1944
E.D. O'Neill L/Cpl R Ulster Rif. 6204  
J.H. O'Neill Pte RASC 1722  
Robert Ernest O'Neill Gnr   3529 Capt'd Greece; repat'd 9/44
Peter O'Neill       Guitar, 924/GW
S. O'Neill Gnr RA 5484  
T.P. O'Neill Cpl R Sigs 7651  
A.J. (Jack) Onley L/Cpl 1 A.C. H.Q. 3988 Australia; 18A/Z, 11034/GW
Georges Opart   110me Rgt d'Inf. 60438 France
Gerald O'Pray Gnr RA 5058 Liverpool; capt'd Crete; transf'd to Stalag 4B
C.J. Orange   RE   1046/GW; esc'd 1944
Fred Johann Orban T/L/Bdr   8254 Pretoria, South Africa, 934/L
James Edward Francis Ord Cpl RAC   Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; 10049/GW; died 4.9.42 (Spittal)
W. Ord Pte RASC 2739  
L.J. O'Regan Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3977 Australia; 18D, 18A/Z; transf'd to Stalag 18C
Jack O'Reilly Theatre 18A
John Gorham O'Reilly Pte   7200 New Zealand
S.C. O'Reilly Pte 2/1 Inf. Bn. 5882 Australia
Frederick John Origlassi Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 7409 Australia; 11079/GW
W.J.  Orme Gnr RA 1156  
H.E.P. Ormerod Gnr RA 229  
Tommy  Carroll Ormond T/L/Cpl   4395 New Zealand; 7001/GW
S. Ormrod Tpr RAC 5712 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to  Stalag 344
W. Ormrod Pte RASC 8287  
H.McD. Orr Bdr RA 9473  
J. Orr Gnr RA 3262 see Joseph Conn
J.W.(Jack) Orr L/Cpl RE 5009 MOC 59/GW
W.R. (Bill) Orrell Pte RAVC 4136 Bolton; 109/L
F.B. Orren Tpr   8461 South Africa
R. Orris Dvr RE 5904  
E.W. Orton Dvr RASC 39746  
Frank Lionel Orton Pte   4184 New Zealand
Joseph T. Osbaldstone Gnr RA  8704  
G.M. Osborne Pte B&H 3097  
George Osborne     6090  
J.W.T. Osborne Ord. Smn RN 6090  
T. Osborne Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 7367 Australia
W.B.E. Osborne Dvr RASC 8435  
F. Osbourne Marine R Marines 6933  
H. (Bert) Osgood Dvr RASC 4077 318/L, 1783/L
B.J. O'Shea Pte   39560 New Zealand
J. O'Shea Pte Seaf. H. 39871  
K.E. Osland Tpr RAC 1592 Monmouth; 11072/GW
A.S.R. Osmond Sgt 1 Cp. Fld. Cash. 5262 Victoria, Australia; 18D, 724/L; transf'd to Stalag 383
Charles Ostcliffe Sgt RAC 1120 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 383
D. O'Sullivan Dvr RASC 5007  
L.M. O'Sullivan Pte 20 Bn. 5332 New Zealand
Laurence D. O'Sullivan Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3698 Victoria, Australia; 11072/GW, Matrei
Ronald Vincent O'Sullivan Pte 2/9 Inf. Bn.   Australia
Thomas O'Sullivan Gnr RA 5140 Liverpool; capt'd Crete
W. L. (Billy) Ottaway Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 3401 Brunswick, Australia; 10925/GW
G. Otter L/Cpl RASC 5298  
D.J. Otto Pte   7903 South Africa
E.G. Otto Sgmn R Sigs 754  
Pierre Ouarnier     89781 France; killed in air-raid 18.12.44
C. Ough SM RE 39893  
F.W. Outen Pte   39367 New Zealand
Claude Harold Over  Pte 21 Bn. 3331 Otahuhu, NZ; capt'd Greece; 924/GW
Percy William Overbury L/Cpl RAVC 2016 Colchester; capt'd Crete; 10294/L
I.W. Overton Pte 2/11 Inf. Bn. 5504 Australia
L.F. Overton Marine R Marines 6286  
F.R. (Ralph) Overton-Hill Dvr RASC 1993 Bucks, UK; 10134/GW
A.D. Owen Pte Welch 7521  
A.E. Owen Marine R Marines 6831  
A.G. Owen Sgt DLI    
B.U. Owen Pte Ches. 8817  
H. Owen   RE    
Ivor Steven Owen Spr   4619 New Zealand; capt'd Corinth
J.L. Owen L/Cpl RAC 7746  
Jack Owen   RE   11897/L
L. Owen Dvr RASC 7672  
O.T. Owen Sgmn R Sigs 1170  
R.L. Owen Pte Welch 9510  
Taffy Owen        18A/Z; Theatre
A. Owens       18A/Z
A.E. Owens Pte SWB 6968  
A.W. Owens Spr RE 5181  
E. Owens Dvr RASC 7673  
J. Owens Pte DLI 6279  
J.A. Owens Pte 2/13 Inf. Bn. 8664 Australia
M. Owens Dvr RASC 8088  
R. Owens       11057/GW?
Taffy Owens       10029/GW
Thomas Owler Dvr RA 661 Captured Kalamata; 10030/GW
G. Oxborough Gnr RA 6744  
D. Oxley Pte RASC 2754  
Norman Oxley L/Cpl (Sgt?) RASC 2159 MOC 11022/GW, 10305/GW, 11093/GW; Co 11/911
S. Oxley Gnr RA 8400  
V.E. Oxley Sgmn 1 Cp. Sigs. 5222 Australia
J. Oyston Sgmn R Sigs 4094  
Robert Oyston Tpr RAC 1291 11079/GW; Transf'd to Stalag 344

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