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H.M. Kahn Pte   8611 South Africa
A.W. Kain L/Sgt Rifle Bde 39252  
E.D. Kalis Pte   7579 South Africa
Chaim Joseph Kalisker Cpl 1039 Port Op.Coy. 4583 transf'd to Stalag 344
Grard Kanagur     82258 France; killed air-raid 18.12.44
Harry A. Kaplin Cpl 7 Div. Sigs. 5216 Australia; MOC 18A/Z; 11096/L
P. Karauria Pte   7994 New Zealand
Irwin/Ervine Karter Pte PPC 3983 Palestine; 18A; died 12/42 (Greece)
M.F. Kasper Pte   5243 New Zealand
W.M. Kattenhorn Dvr RASC 8220 London 
Hans Katz Cpl Pal.P.C. 4341 Palestine; transf'd to Stalag 383
Arthur Francis Kavanagh Pte   299 New Zealand
Arthur Kay     2788  
B. Kay Dvr RASC 8182  
Chris Kay Gnr RA 7811 Liverpool
F. Kay   Scots Greys   C&A
George Edward Kay Pte AAC 88758 Capt'd Arnhem; Stalag 12A, 18C; esc'd 1/45
Henry Kay     4300 ResLaz IIIb; bullet wound, left elbow, 8/42; repat?
T. Kay Tpr RAC 7625  
H. Kaye       13048/L
Peter Kaye     45 10030/GW
Mick Keacham       New Zealand; 10029/GW, 11057/GW
H. Kean Pte E. Yorks. 7962  
D. Keane Pte Foresters 8424  
D.E. Keane Pte   3293 New Zealand
D.L. Kear L/Sgt RE 5288  
G.K. Kear Pte Green How. 6725 18C
J.F. Kearney Gnr RA 7540  
Joseph Francis Kieran Kearney   11th Scottish Commando   Capt'd N Africa, 11/41; PG66, PG59; Stalag 7A
L. Kearney Pte W. Yorks. 8813  
Maxwell Kenneth Kearney Pte H.Q. 17 Bde. 7403 Victoria, Australia; 1157/L; died 7.3.42 (shot by guard)
W.P. Keary Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3564 Australia; C&A
Frederick James Keast Pte RASC   died 29.4.43
Walter D. Keast Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 4028 Victoria, Australia.; 11066/GW?, 10029/GW
A . Keating Gnr RA 9329  
J . Keating L/Cpl KRRC 8379  
J.H. Keats Tpr RAC 3343 C&A
A. Keavey Dvr RE 5626  
John Walter Keay Tpr RAC 3052 Stonnall, UK; capt'd Greece
Lynton T. Keck Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3903 Melbourne, Australia; 212/L
R. Keddie Dvr RASC 6911 100/L, Stalag 18B (18A/Z); transf'd to Stalag 383
N. Keeble L/Cpl RAOC 8305  
A.S. Keech Pte RAVC 2188  
William M. Keefer PFC Inf.   Pennsylvania, USA; capt'd Italy, 1944
Bernard J. (Mick) Keehan     4049 New Zealand
William Fleming Keeling Pte A&SH 6358 95/GW; died from work injuries 31.1.44 (or 2.2.44)
G. Keelly Cpl     MOC 132/L Altenmarkt
? Keen       199/GW
W.G. Keen  Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 3760 Australia
A.J. Keenan Pte   842 Te Awamutu, NZ; 10030/GW; transf'd to Stalag 18C
Ted Keenan Pte   7161 New Zealand; 1749/L
T. Keene Dvr RASC 2763  
W.M. Keershaw Tpr   4876 New Zealand
K. Keeton Gdmn IG 7230  
J.F. Kehoe Sgt 2/28 Inf. Bn. 7697 Australia
P. Kehoe Gnr RA 8850  
W.M. Kehoe Pte DLI 6349  
Richard Abraham Keighley Pte   7487 New Zealand
F.C. Keir       Brisbane, Australia
John Whinstanley Keir Pte 2/15 Inf. Bn. 7437 Queensland, Australia; 1046/GW
W.D. Keith Pte 21 Bn. 54 New Zealand; C&A; 10029/GW
G.A. Kelk CSM Foresters 9171 18C
A.R. Kelland Pte   4141 New Zealand
J.C. Kelland Pte   5949 New Zealand
P. Kellett Gnr RA 5907 1107/L
W. Kellett Gnr 2/1 Fd. Rg. 3102 Australia
W. Kells     4955 New Zealand; 1731/L
Alf H. Kelly Cpl H.Q. 1 A. Cp. 5177 Victoria, Australia; 18D; transf'd to Stalag 344
Christopher Robert Kelly Pte 21 Bn. 7537 New Zealand; 980/GW; C&A
D. Kelly       956/GW
D.A. Kelly Pte 2/1 Pnr. Bn. 3599 Australia
E.C. Kelly Pte Hamp. 6119  
E.T. Kelly Pte RAMC 8105  
J. Kelly Dvr RASC 5720  
J. Kelly Pte Bk.Watch 6270  
Leo Francis Kelly Pte 2/2 Fd. Amb. 5079 Australia; capt'd Crete; 18D
L.L. Kelly       Victoria, Australia
N.H. Kelly Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 7124 Australia
R.B. Kelly   RE   C&A
W.S. Kelly L/Cpl RE 5536  
F. Kelpin Gdmn CG 39737  
J. Kelsall Gnr RA 8300  
N. Kelsall Marine R Marines 6134  
H. Kelsey Pte E. Yorks. 8338  
H. Keltie Pte   676 New Zealand
? Kemp       148/GW
A.B. Kemp Sgt Rifle Bde. 1746 Hants; 924/GW; transf'd to Stalag 383
Arthur Kemp L/Cpl REME 6948 Sheffield, UK; 99/L, 839/L
C. Kemp Gnr RA 8264  
C.R. Kemp Dvr RASC 6007  
G.P. Kemp Rfmn KRRC 1536 London; 11072/GW
George Kemp        
H. Kemp Pte Seaf. H. 7248  
Henry Carl (Harry) Kemp Pte 2/10 Inf. Bn. 4044 Australia; capt'd Greece
John Kemp     1133 Edinburgh
Raymond Kemp       repatriated
W. Kemp       266/L
A. Kendal Pte RASC 2182  
G.E. Kendall Gnr RA 6932  
L.T. Kendall Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6400 Australia
F.W. Kendell Tpr RAC 5661  
Henry Frederick Kendle Pte RAMC 1052 Wimbledon; transf'd to Stalag 4A
W. Kendrick Pte Seaf. H. 6132  
W.G. Kenna Dvr RASC 7353  
? Kennedy       199/GW
? Kennedy       2124/L
A. Kennedy Dvr RASC 2302  
A.B. Kennedy Spr RE 2002  
C W Kennedy Dvr   9111 New Zealand
J. Kennedy Pte A&SH 6074  
John Alfred Kennedy Pte 20 Bn. 4592 New Zealand; capt'd Greece; 842/L
J.J. Kennedy Sgmn R Sigs 5884  
James Kennedy   RA   Liverpool, UK; Gmund Work Camp
Jock Kennedy   RE   10911/GW
John Kennedy       Theatre Player, 924/GW
John Millar Kennedy Gnr   3405 New Zealand
P. Kennedy Dvr RASC 1661 Waterford, Eire
P.G. Kennedy Pte   7879 New Zealand
W. Kennedy Pte 6 Div. Trans. AASC 3006 Australia
J. Kennett Tpr North. Fus. 39327  
C. Kenney Dvr RE 2197  
F. Kenney Gnr RA 1069  
E.J. Kennion Pte B&H 7789  
Stanley F. Kennon Gnr 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3768 Victoria, Australia; 11086/GW (may be Kennan)
E.A. Kenny     39909 New Zealand
George Kenny Fus. R Irish Fus. 6015 Capt'd Sicily; Italy POW
G.J.T. Kenny Pte RAVC 4073  
George Kenny       captured Sicily, 1943
F . Kent Gnr 1 A/Tk. Rg. 2774 Australia
Hubert R. Kent Gnr RA 1137 Cirencester, UK; 11072/GW
R.L. Kent Pte 2/1 M.G. Bn. 5568 Australia
T. Kent Spr RE 2531  
Frank Kenyon Tpr RAC 6311 Birkenhead; capt'd Sicily; Italy POW; 194/GW
J. Kenyon Dvr RASC 6905  
W. Kenyon Spr RE 1194 148/GW
E.W. Kerlin Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 5142 Victoria, Australia
A.N. Kerman Pte Leic. 7473  
Joseph A. Kern St. Sgt Air Corps   Pennsylvania, USA; capt'd N. Africa, 1944
Fred C. Kernick S/Sgt RE 5926 School & Theatre, 18A; transf'd to Stalag 357
I. Kernot Pte   7553 New Zealand
? Kerr       Theatre 10029/GW
Arthur Kerr L/Cpl North. Fus. 8160 Capt'd N. Africa; Italy POW; 95/GW
E. Kerr Cpl   7759 South Africa
Jack Kerr L/Cpl 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3845 Australia; 1971/L; transf'd to Stalag 17B
K. Kerr Rfmn R Ulster Rif. 6337  
S.C. Kerr Pte 2/7 Inf. Bn. 406 Melbourne, Australia; 10030/GW
Lawrence Oliver Kerrisk Pte   7499 New Zealand; 11022/GW
W.E. Kerry Pte RASC 2595 Suffolk; 11072/GW
? Kershaw Cpl     MOC 2064/L
C.T. Kershaw Dvr RASC 5289  
F. Kershaw Tpr RAC 3209 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; St Lambrecht Work Camp
John Kershaw Pte 2/4 Bn. 3440 NSW, Aust.; capt'd Greece; transf'd to Stalag 8B; repat'd 1943 (TB)
Pat Kershaw       London; 10029/GW
W.B. Kershaw Spr RE 2056  
F.G. Kerzog       Australia; 18D
M.W. Kesham A/Sgt 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3768 Australia; 18D, 132/GW; transf'd to Stalag 383
Reginald Kett L/Cpl H.Q. 6 Div AASC 3848 Australia; 11041/GW; transf'd to Oflag 3C
C.H. Kettle Pte RAVC 4362  
G.E. Kewell Gnr RA 6887 Kent; 2083/L
Ken  Kewell Gnr RA 1630 Theatre; 10029/GW
Fred Keys       Lancs; Gmund Work Camp
W.J. Keys L/Cpl Rifle Bde 9205  
R.G. Keyse Dvr RASC 7605  
J. Kibblewhite Gnr RA 4919 London
E. Kidson Pte   7165 Nelson, New Zealand; 924/GW
Peter Kilbey CSM CG 1749 18A/Z; transf'd to Stalag 383
T. Kilbride Pte Ches. 6753  
J.D. Kilgallon Dvr RASC 7750  
L. Kilian   2/1 Inf. Bn.   Australia; C&A
Fred Killey Gnr RA 5758 11089/GW
J.E. Killey Cpl RASC 7639  
A.J. Kime Pte 2/2 Fd. Rg. 3902 Australia
C. Kinder Spr RE 1239 148/GW
W. Kinder Pte DLI 39668  
? king       Kalsdorf Work Camp
A. King Gnr RA 6944  
A.E. King Gnr RA 5594  
A.S. King Pte RWK 6317  
Alan King       Orchestra, 18A
C.B. King Gdmn CG 7055  
C.H. King L/Bdr RA 684 London; 10030/GW
D. King A/Cpl 2/1 Pnr. Bn. 7426 Australia
E.D. King Pte Essex 9654  
F.L. King Pte RWK 8404  
G.K. King Spr   4946 New Zealand
J. King Dvr RASC 1205 11079/GW
J.E. King Pte H.Q. Gd. Bn. 3876 Australia
J.W. King Tpr RAC 1717  
L. King       Leeds, UK
L.A. King Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 4015 Australia
R. King Gnr RA 4881  
R.J. King L/Cpl RE 6202  
Dick (curly) King       18D
S.A.G. King Pte AAC 7233  
T. King Tpr RAC 1681  
Thomas King       Lancashire, UK
Wally H. King Gnr RA 1087 London; Gmund Work Camp, 10859/GW
Roy  King  Sgt Fld. Art.   Kentucky, USA; capt'd Tunisia, 1943
ArthurT. Kingsbury Tpr RAC 1938 785/GW
W. Kingsland Sgt R Sussex 9301 18A/Z; transf'd to Stalag 357
Len K. Kingsley Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3954 Australia; 18D; 1971/L
Roy George Kingsley Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 4941 Australia; capt'd Greece; 318/L, 1783/L, 94/GW, 789/L, 821/L
James A. Kingzett PFC Inf.   USA; capt'd Belgium, 1944
Harry Kinley Gnr RA 5923 Theatre player
Patrick D.C. Kinmont Maj RAMC 1044 Senior M.O.; Wolfsberg
Reginald ("Muscles") Kinnane Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3940 Australia; 1971/L
Kenneth William Kinnear Dvr RASC 7056 Capt'd Tobruk; Italy POW; 11096/L
W. Kinnersley Gnr RA 5605  
J.W. Kinsley Gnr RA 5753  
G.H.L. Kirby L/Sgt CG 7562  
L.G. Kirby Pte Hamp. 7331  
Ivan Kiritschenko       Russian; died 26.11.41
C.G.V. Kirk Pte   39071 Johannesburg, South Africa
D.R.F. Kirk Pte Leic. 7531  
E.W. Kirk Spr RE 5756  
R.H. Kirk Dvr RASC 6049  
A.D. Kirk  Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6530 Australia
G. Kirkbride       Liverpool, UK
G.A. Kirkbride Spr RE 5680  
F.J. Kirkman Gnr RA 541  
H. Kirkpatrick Bdr RA 39830  
Thomas Kirkwood Tpr RAC 7835 Glasgow; 522/L??; MOC 242/L?
Thomas P. Kirkwood Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 4050 Australia; 18D; transf'd to Stalag 20A
George Septimus ('Snow') Kirman Pte 24 Bn. 4650 New Zealand; 18A, 18B, 29/L
S. Kirton Gnr RA 6179  
E.A.E. Kisby Pte Hamp. 6154  
Frank B. Kish 1st Lt Army   USA; capt'd 1944
Ivan Kiss       Russian; died 22.11.41
H.L. Kissel Pte   7320 New Zealand
? Kitchen       199/GW
A.F. Kitchen Cpl RASC 1682  
J.H. Kitchen Gnr RA 39030  
R. Kitchen Pte Linc. 6947  
C. Kitching Sgt E. Yorks. 9156  
J.J. Kitching Tpr   8567 South Africa
Jack W.G. Kitching Spr RE 5624 2044/L
Leonard Wynston Kitching Pte   4115 New Zealand
R.W. Kiteley Tpr RAC 8912  
L. Kitney Pte   4274 New Zealand
L.H. Kliendienst Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3812 Australia; 18D
Charles H. Klinger Sgt 133 Inf.   Indiana, USA; capt'd 10/44
J.L. Kloss Spr RE 5575  
D.J. Kneale Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 2775 Australia
G. Kneale Gnr RA 5492  
Harold F. Knechtle St. Sgt Air Corps   Pennsylvania, USA; capt'd 1943
? Knight       940/GW
C.W. Knight Gnr RA 6886  
Ernie Knight Dvr R Sigs 480 Birmingham; 11027/GW
E. Knight       11057/GW
Edward Knight Cpl RE 1183 Weymouth; transf'd to Stalag 383
E.G. Knight Pte   8090 New Zealand
E.J. (Ted) Knight Spr RE 1568 11017/GW, 11057/GW
F. Knight Pte E. Lancs. 1167  
F.J. Knight Pte RAVC 2060  
G.A. Knight RSM RA 726  
Harold John Nieersseman Knight Pte RASC 1197 Gainsborough; Died 30.6.41
J. Knight Pte RA 1785 Salford; 924/GW
Norker' Knight     1364 Flachau Work Camp, 1941
Roy Richard Knight Pte 24 Bn. 33557 Christchurch, NZ; capt'd N. Africa; Italy POW; transf'd to St. 344
T. Knight Gnr RA 7929  
W.D. Knight Sgt RE 5146  
W.F. Knight Pte RAOC 964 Dundee; 924/GW
W.R. Knight Pte 1 A/Tk. Rg. 3900 Australia; 18D
William R. Knight Pte RAMC 1059 Smallburgh; transf'd to Stalag 383
W.V. Knight Sgt Linc. 7564 517/L
William K. Knight Tpr H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 4788 Australia; 180/GW; assaulted
J.S. Knight  Gnr   558 New Zealand
A.H. Knights Gnr RA 5337  
Kenneth H. Knights Tpr 6 Div. Cav. 3938 Australia
A.R. Knott Pte   926 New Zealand
A.W. Knowles Pte Cam. H. 7144  
Frank A. Knowles Dvr Sup.&Trans. 9 Div. 7444 Sydney, Australia
J.R. Knowles Spr RE 5609  
Stanley Knowles Spr RE 1719 St Helens, UK; 10134/GW
William M. Knowles L/Bdr RA 5420 Co. Durham; Camp Leader 10734/GW
R.C. Knox Dvr   4783 New Zealand; 260/L
H.R. Knudsen Pte   1003 New Zealand
H.B. Knyvett Gnr   4810 New Zealand
Magnus Herbert Koch Pte   4154 New Zealand
C.J. Kohler Sgmn R Sigs 762  
Erich Kohn Pte 606 Pal.P.C. 5726 Palestine
Leo Koha Kohn Pte 605 Pal.P.C. 4594 Palestine; transf'd to Stalag 344
O.V.S. Kok Capt SAMC 9546 M.O.; 18A/Z
Jan Kollen Soldat     Dutch; died 18.12.44
N. Komene Pte   4614 New Zealand
? Konst       956/GW
Stephen J. Korba Sgt Air Corps   Pennsylvania, USA, capt'd 1944
? Kotisch       Serbian Doctor; 18A/Z
W.G. Kotze Pte   7955 South Africa
C.E. Krall Sgmn R Sigs 1812 Theatre, 18A
Yosef Kreitmann Pte Pal.P.C. 4571 Palestine; transf'd to Stalag 344
Vivian Krepps St. Sgt Air Corps   USA; capt'd Yugoslavia, 1945
? Krieger Sgt     18A
A. Kroft Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6615 Australia
R. Kropp Pte 1 Cps. Tp. Supp. Clmn. 7425 Australia
R.E. Kuchel Pte 2/27 Inf. Bn. 7455 Australia
M.M. Kunst Pte 1 Cps. Tp. Supp. Clmn 2889 Australia; 980/GW;transf'd to Stalag 357
Ernest Friedrich Kunstadt Pte 603 Pal.P.C. 5593 Palestine
W.F. Kurth Pte Cam. H. 8194  
R.A. Kyle Pte     New Zealand
Panayis Kyriacou Pte 1002 P.C.C.R. 7203 Cyprus

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